The stock market competition is an opportunity for individuals who wish to learn how to invest in equity stocks and shares to learn from an expert during a workshop to be held on March 4th, 2017 at 9:30am (until 12:30 pm) and participate in a simulation using real stocks and shares purchased through an assigned US$ 100,000 for a duration of two months.

The competitors are to be registered under three segments:

  1. Individual Students (under 20 years of age).
  2. Individuals (over the age of 20 years who are NOT professional fund managers).
  3. Professional Fund Management Teams (maximum THREE persons in each team).


  1. Complete the Registration form online.
  2. Pay the participation fee of €20 (for Professional Fund Management Category the participation fee is €150 per team).
  3. Attend the three hour workshop on Saturday, March 4th 2017 at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, Foundation Building, Schembri Street, Hamrun at 9:30am.
  4. Competition Kick OFF on Saturday March 4th, 2017 at midnight with US$ 100,000 virtual money to invest.
  5. The winner in each category will be the portfolio which shows the highest return on investment at midnight May 5th, 2017.


  • Prize Money of €350 for the best performing portfolio at the end of the competition kindly donated by Bank of Valletta plc
  • Prize Money of €500 for the best performing portfolio at the end of the competition kindly donated by Bank of Valletta plc
  • Trophy for the Specialists Category


Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is a licensed institution by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education and an Affiliate of the World Renowned University of London. The Institute is involved in various non-profit making initiatives in Malta to offer the general public opportunities to learn and gain new knowledge.

Competition co-ordinator - Robert Saleeby

Born in Ghana , Robert has always borne a passion for money and finance. He studied Finance at American University of Beirut then at Florida Atlantic University and later at New York University where he earned his doctorate degree in Finance in 1981. His career included work for many financial companies in London such as American Express, Shearson, Thomson Mc Kinnon and Lehman Brothers where he reached the position of First Vice President. His teaching career includes some of the top Universities in Lebanon. He inspires his students mostly by giving them the practical skills and insights to succeed in this field, having been there himself for many years. Robert is also the academic coordinator for the University of London programmes taught at AUT under academic supervision of London School of Economics and Political Science

Bank of Valletta plc is supporting this edutainment event to continue with our corporate social responsibility to remain Malta’s leading financial services provider by giving our customers a superior service and a wide spectrum of products and services that support and add value to their lifestyles and interests. Bank of Valletta plc acknowledges its vital role it plays in the Maltese economy . We live up to this heavy responsibility by positioning ourselves for growth, at the same time ensuring our long term sustainability through the prudent management of risk and rigorous control of our costs. Bank of Valletta is committed to be the leading financial services provider in Malta with an international outlook.